About Us

Among a huge selection of products chosen according to quality standards and at the lowest prices, we will meet your needs. Household products, kitchen accessories, sewing items, toys, party supplies, stationery, electronics, personal care and beauty products, hardware, food, shoe care and crafts are some of our main categories. Thanks to its efficient management system and lower rental and maintenance costs than department stores, Cost-price can offer you these products at such a low price.


Offering quality products at the lowest prices is the primary mission of Cost-price and it’s team.


Your purchases will now be made in the comfort of your home. With personalized service, each of our customers will be happy to order via our website and by email. In addition to the price advantage, Cost-price offers a fast and courteous delivery service at an economical price, which is every week. In addition, to better meet your needs, we serve several areas of Montreal and Laval.